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Monday, July 10, 2006

Wikizine - nr.:33 - Tech flash

Technical news

!!!-***Bug 550 is going to be fixed soon***-!!!

Tim Starling announced on the mailing list that very soon, probably within 24
hours, the way the block function works will change.

Most important changes;

  • Allow blocks on anonymous users only (bug 550) ; this means that registered users who are using that ip address still can edit, like users who on the network of a school or need to use the proxy of there ISP
  • Allow or disallow account creation from blocked IP addresses on a per-block basis

Here you can see a screenshot form the new interface;

For more information read the posting by Tim Starling;

And even more reading;

Lets rejoice ourselves, spread the news to all sysops on all +600 Wikis and celebrated this wonderful day!

Editor(s): Walter

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