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Monday, July 10, 2006

Wikizine - number: 33

Technical news

  • [<poem>] On the Wikisource project a new tag is now live especially for poems
  • [Bug550] will be fixed soon, block options will change
  • [PLURAL] there is a magic word "plural" that can be used to change the spelling of the user interface depending of the number of items involved. For some languages there are multiple conjugations depending on the number, PLURAL allows for that
One example of the syntax for English is:
{{PLURAL:$1one articleare $1 articles}}
This can be used on MediaWiki-pages the contain text used on dynamic changing pages.
[[MediaWiki:Categoryarticlecount]] contains the text used on category-pages to say how many items there are in that category. But a category can contain one item and then the correct description would be that there is "one article". If there are more then the phrase should use "articles", the plural form.
You can see this in practice on the Afrikaanse Wikipedia;
There you see how the magic word it used;
And the results on a category with only one item reads "een artikel", what is the singular form.
Here you see a category with more than one article and it reads "artikelen", the plural form.
This construction can be used on those MediaWiki messages where the software is aware of the potential of a plural form; the English message should have the PLURAL construct as well.
More about this at;
  • [Staff] The Wikimedia Foundation has hired a new full-time staff member. She will be working in the function of administrative assistant in the Florida office. This person will be answering the phones for the WMF office and emails send to Wikimedia and the English language Wikipedia queue. The WMF has now 5 people in service and 1 contractor.
  • [Edits] - the total number of edits in all Wikimedia projects surpassed 150 million.
Other news
Did you know ...

... that Skype can be useful for your Wikimedia-work?

On our projects many people work together. And there are many ways of communication to makes the work. But talking to someone can makes things a lot easier in some situations. You can use Skype for this. It is free to use between PC to PC. It exists for Windows. And also for Mac OS X and Linux. Those are crappy versions compared to the Windows versions but the work good enough to be useful.

You can also talk with up to 5 people in a conference call. And if like to host a virtual Wikimeet or a open meeting for you chapter maybe the Skypecast-function can be useful. With you can talk to up to 100 people.

Remark; this was not an ad. Wikizine does not get paid for this. Wikizine does get paid for the Firefox and Picasa button on http://www.wikizine.org if the software is installed on a windows pc and for the fist time. Total benefits currently $0,0. The theoretical benefits will be used for expenses related to Wikizine. If ads where to be included in Wikizine it will be clearly labeled as such. There are no plans to include ads in Wikzine.

"People talk a lot as if the most important thing in life is to always see things for what they really are. But everything we do, every plan we make, is kind of a lie. We're closing our eyes and pretending that the day won't ever come when we won't need to make any more plans. Hope is the biggest lie there is, and it is the best. We have to keep going as if it all mattered, or else we wouldn't keep going at all." -- Character Allie Keys / science fiction miniserie "Taken"

Editor(s): Walter - Corrector(s): Gary Kirk, Oscar - Special thanks to: Alias, Ruben Slock

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  1. Skype is patent protected and closed source... it's not useful at all. WengoPhone is useful and GPL! Why in the earth did you advertise a closed source software? O_o

  2. I am happy to explain it to you why. Actually, Oscar, who has done the final proofreading of this edition had the same remark. The following is a basically what I send to him;

    An item about communication between users is a topic which is usable for the section "Did you know ...".
    I have already once brought an item concerning instant messaging with the emphasis on gaim in wikizine 22;


    For speech the skype system is the one that is most of the people are using so far I know. I know several people from my home-wiki who are using skype and from the board and also non-wikimedia people. Wengo, Google Talk, SIP; none.

    That is exactly as if you ignore MSN and focus on Jabber only because it is open source and ignoring the fact the most users are not using it.
    SIP, Google Talk, Wengo; nice but what if it has (almost) no users it is not useful. Or at least not for users who are active on the the Wikimedia projects.
    With Skype you have a system that works, which has a lot of users, works for the 3 operation systems; win, mac and linux.

    And that has functions have that I find especially useful for people on the wikimedia projects;

    -conversation with up to 5 people at once -> a meeting between sysops, bureaucrats, Arbcom members, people working on some project or article

    -conversation with up to 100 people (Skypecast); you can do a lecture, briefing, online wikimeet, use it for "a radio broadcast"

    I believe that Skype is useful software for the people working on the Wikimedia projects and that is way I have done an item about it.

    Also a reason is that I have not a lot of inspiration left for "Did you know" items. Currently I have one that is usable. If you have inspiration please enjoy yourself and write something;


  3. Wiktionary has one million definitions? Since when?
    According to http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wiktionary
    there are currently approx. 986.000 articles. The number is misleading however, because many projects duplicate data from other projects.

  4. I have checked it and it is possible that I am wrong. Emails had received had give me the impression that it was already one million now.

    The most recent numbers that I can find is 989 128 articles at the date May 29 2006.

    If the one million is not yet reached it can not be long anymore.


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