GCS Step 1

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year: 2012 Week: 53 Number: 133

Technical news

  • [Wikidata] - the new sister-project Wikidata is growing fast. By year's end the will get up to 2 million records. In the works is now the interwiki language information, later on infoboxes and lists will follow. At present the data of Wikidata is not yet used on any of the projects. The plans are to switch over the Hungarian language Wikipedia over to Wikidata for the use of there interwiki language links on January 14th 2013.
What will that actually mean in practice? - When this function is enabled on a wiki the interwiki language links will be augmented with sitelinks injected in the Wikipedia article. It is unclear what will happen in the future for sitelinks in non-wikipedia articles. At least if there are sitelinks available at Wikidata about that topic. The current local language links must be removed otherwise they will override the Wikidata sitelinks. You will be able to edit these sitelinks on the local wiki with JavaScript. Changes made on the Wikidata sitelinks that effect a local Wikipedia will propagate to them, and also show up in the recent changes of that wiki. If for some reason a local wiki does not want that the injected interwiki language links show up on a specific page the parser function {{Noexternallanglinks}} can be used. When this function is active the net result is that the interwiki links will show up as usual if set, but the maintenance of sitelinks in the Wikipedia-projects will go away.