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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wikizine - number: 32

  • [Board] member of the Wikimedia Foundation and vice-president of Wikia, Angela Beesley, has resigned from the Board of the WMF. Angela emphasizes that her reason for resignation is not another board member's fault. She is only leaving the Board, and will continue to stay involved with Wikipedia and with the Australian Chapter and Wikia. An election to replace the position of Angela on the board is expected.
  • [$] The WMF received in the month of June 2006 $32,969 in donations by means of PayPal. This is a similar amount as in May and April.
Technical news
  • [WikiSource-l] , the mailing list for the Wikisource-project is now also accessible through gmane.org, meaning you can now read and post to this list like as if it were a usenet newsgroup or use the web-based interface.
  • [?..Announce-l] seems to be also on gmane.org since February. Announce-l is the mailing list used by Wikizine. It would have been polite to inform Wikizine about this stranger, ignoring that only the listadmin is supposed to be able to add a list to gmane.
Request for help
  • [Fußball] It seems that the World championship football is more interesting then Wikipedia, at least to some.
Other news
Did you know ...

... that there is an easy way for removing many pages from you watch list?

When you like to remove many pages from your "Watchlist" ([[Special:Watchlist/edit]]) it can be that you need to check hundreds of tick boxes. That is no fun. Select the first box and then select that last box while holding <shift> pressed. All that boxes between those to are now selected.


"On average, Wikipedia will get it more right than the publishers will."
-- Scott McNealy , chairman of Sun Microsystems Inc.

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