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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 18 Number: 69

Technical news
  • [Login] - Passwords that are the same as the user name can no longer be used. Affected accounts can reset their password by e-mail to something more secure. If you do not have an email address provided in your account you have no access any more. The only hope to keep your account is to go to #wikimedia-tech and convince a developer that you are who you say you are. In general providing an email address for your account, and the same for all accounts, is a good idea.
  • [Special] - New special page [[Special:Fewestrevisions]] . It lists .... yes ....pages that have very few revisions, other versions. Because it also includes redirects its usefulness is limited. The results are cached.
Request for help
  • [Who Are You?] - The WMF approved a resolution making it required that people who have access to confidential information identify themselves to the Wikimedia Foundation. This seems only to apply to access toinformation that falls under the Wikimedia Privacy policy. This does notseem to include the private mailing lists and wikis.
People who do need to identify themselves and prove that they are at least 18 years old (or older if the legal age is higher in your country) are:
  1. All stewards
  2. All holders of the "checkuser" and "oversight" rights
  3. All OTRS volunteers
  4. And all developers with access to any electronic records which contains non-public information
Sysop and bureaucrats are excluded from this. All users who fall under this category need to comply with this resolution or their user rightscan be revoked. In the resolution 60 days are given to comply but it is not clear from what date you need to count.
Board member Kat Walsh writes in a posting to Foundation-l:
"Those affected by this resolution should contact Cary Bass, WMF volunteer coordinator, at <cbass AT wikimedia DOT org>.  We will also attempt to contact everyone individually who will need to do this; however, please spread this message to those in your communities."
Other news
  • [Correction] -  In Wikizine 67 it was reported that 0.5 CD of the English-language Wikipedia is produced by the Wikimedia Foundation and LinterWeb. This is not correct. The CD was not produced by the Wikimedia Foundation, it has been produced by Linterweb.
Weird shit

According to various observers there are many parallels between communist ideology and practices, and the economic and political system in The Smurfs ....

"The problem with Wikipedia is that it only works in practice. In theory, it can never work." -- Unknown attribution

In Wikizine 68, the English and German edition and in a posting to Foundation-l I have asked for assistance with Wikizine. The response was less than pathetic. It was non existent.

So it looks like I will remain the only one working on Wikizine. I have decided to give Wikimedia related things and Wikizine in particular a lower priority in my life. Wikizine will continue but in a even more erratic publication frequently then now. Also you can expect reduced editions who are more basic between normal editions. This depending of I feel like giving priority in going to the park or so or sitting in front of the computer.

Walter Vermeir, the editor

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