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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 16 Number: 68

Technical news
Request for help
New project proposals
  • [DVD]  - A DVD version of the Polish language Wikipedia is expected to be available in shops all over Poland by the end of April. It will contain 239 000 articles and 59 000 pictures. Because of the use of java it can be used on all operating systems. The articles included in the DVD-version where partially checked by 13 paid Wikipedia contributors who were supported by around 20 volunteers.
  • [Anslagstavlan] - The Swedish Wikipedia has started when a Wikipedia Signpost inspired local news channel.
  • [Wikinews] - All the edits on all language Wikinews projects combined reach over a million.
  • [Wikipedia] - All Wikipedias together have reached 7 million articles.
  • [io.wp] - The Ido Wikipedia has reached 15,000 articles. According to the English Wikpedia there are about  2500 speakers of Ido so this very impressive.
Other news
Did you know ...
... that your assistance to Wikizine would be very useful?

This newsletter is started by [[meta:user:Walter ]]. Until now Wikizine is nearly completely created by only this user, week after week. There is only assistance in copyediting. That is useful work and improves the quality of the newsletter but does not make a newsletter. It becomes harder and harder to make every week a new Wikizine alone and keep an acceptable level of quality. Assistance in the form of new core editor who is capable and willing to construct Wikizine on a long time basis is important to the continuing of Wikizine in its current form.

Wikizine can offer to a core staff volunteer access to the (limited) hosting facilities of Wikizine for personal use for so far those are not in conflict with the needs of Wikizine.

Helping out by writing "Did you know" or "Was ist das?" items of reporting news from your home wiki, helping out with the very fragile German translation project (also one person now) of Wikizine would also be helpful. But a core staff member is what is really needed.

Contact: walter AT wikizine DOT org

"Wikipedia enables anybody to access information which was once the preserve of those who could afford the subscription to Enyclopedia Britannica and were prepared to navigate its maze of indexes and content pages." -- Alan Johnson, Education Secretary of the United Kingdom


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