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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wikizine - number: 41

Request for help from a programmer
  • [WikipediaToolbar] - For some time there is a FireFox extension to add a toolbar to you browser especially designed for use on Wikipedia and for MediaWiki wikis in general. This toolbar is made by w:de:user:Bananeweizen. The current toolbar will not work with the new upcoming 2.0 version of FireFox. User:Bananeweizen does not have time anymore to work on this and is looking for someone to take the "Wikipedia Toolbar" over from him. If you are intrested contact Bananeweizen on the irc channel #mediawiki on Freenode.
  • [Wikimania2007] - The first round for the selection for the city to host Wikimania 2007 will close on September 10th. No city will be accepted after that date. Candidates may work on their bid until the 15th.
  • [$] - The Wikimedia Foundation received in August 1769 donations for a total amount of $37,601.58 by PayPal
  • [WMC 2006] - last Saturday the Dutch Wikimedia chapter held, with extensive support of Kennisnet.nl, its first own conference in Utrecht, the Netherlands. This was a one day event with several presentations like on Wikimania. There where 46 attendees; most from the Netherlands, but also from Switzerland, Germany, Thailand and Flanders. Some pictures and audio recordings are available. One of them is in English "Kurt Jansson: Wikimedia Chapters - Some insights from Wikimedia Germany". This event was announced with an interview on a Dutch national television broadcaster.
  • [RE from Jimbo] on /. The announced new functionality of MediaWiki to support stable versions has give inspirations to several media to report that Wikipedia is reducing the freedom of editing to all. A responds from Jimbo about that and the readers of /. on that responds.
  • [Whois] - a new type of stats. A listing with info about from where the people editing on a wikipedia are coming from. And also on what wikipedia are people of different wikipedias working on. These numbers can give a general idea but take in to account that there is a large possibly of errors.
Did you know ...

... that there is a easy way for adding inter-wikilinks to the articles?

The webbased Interwiki-Link-Checker is a tool for semi-automatic insertion of Interlanguage-links in all latin-encoded Wikipedias larger then 10.000 articles. Input from wikipedians fluent in at least two languages is needed to decide wether articles named the same in two different languages should be interlinked by the bot.

http://tools.wikimedia.de/~flacus/IWLC/start.php - The tool
http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benutzer:Flacus/Wikipedia_Interwiki-Link-Checker/en - FAQ

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

"Small print leads to large risk." - Rule 8
"Trust is the biggest liability of all." - Rule 99
"Not even dishonesty can tarnish the shine of profit." - Rule 181

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