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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wikizine - number: 40

Technical news
  • [Linksearch] - There is special page named [[Special:Linksearch]]. By entering there a domain name or part of a domain name you can see on wish page those external links are placed. Can be useful to clean up linkspam vandalism.
Request for help
  • [Election] - The registration of candidates for the board election is closed. There are about 20 candidates now, some have presented thyself near the end, some have withdrawn thyself. And some will probably be excluded because the have not confirmed there candidacy like requested. The actual voting is supposed to start on September first and will close on the 21th September. Wikizine has done an attempt to present to you the candidates with the extra editions. Also the Signpost has done a special effort. A sort of written interviews with the candidates who responded to there questions. If you are interested in this elections this is a must read.
  • [Beta] - The announced Beta Wikiversity is now live. This wiki is an incubator for Wikiversities in various new languages. And also a global platform aiming at coordinating Wikiversity projects in several languages. This coordination should deal with Wikiversity's mission and general guidelines of the project's scope. For example, about original research.
  • [Verifiability] is a policy on the English Wikipedia. "The threshold for inclusion in Wikipedia is verifiability, not truth." That means that what is written must be proven by sources, the fact that it is true is not enough. Not all Wikipedias have the same policies. Local wikis are looking for policy inspiration on other projects and sometimes the adopt policies form other wikis. Currently the Russian Wikipedia is holding a vote regarding the question to adopt also the policy of verifiability for there wikipedia. Verifiability has currently on the ru.wp with 53 votes more support then "no" with 32 votes.
  • [userboxes] - On userpages are sometimes loaded with boxes to inform about the most unexpeted topics. Those boxes can give controversy about them. One way of dealing with userboxes that some wikis are using is the "German solution". The Spanish comunity has decided to implement the German solution for the userboxes,
  • [ku.wp] - The Kurdish Wikipedia has reached 4,000 articles. This is the work of the 15 active users and mostly of only 5 very active users.
  • [tg.wp] - The Tajik Wikipedia has reached 500 articles. And that is mostly the work of only 3 very active users of a total of 9 active users.
  • [Wikizine] has now 500 subscribers by email.
Editorial remark: Thank you. Walter

Did you know ...

... how to enter directly a search query to the wiki?

You enter [alt]+F The result is that the cursor is blinking in the search box. Type what you look and press enter. But it can even more easy. If you add some code to you [[Special:Mypage/monobook.js]] then the cursor will always be waiting by default in the search box for your request.
// Park the the cursor allways in the search box - by [[w:en:User:Splarka]]
addOnloadHook(function() {document.getElementById('searchform').elements[0].focus(); return false;;});
IRC Quote
<Toazt> "Too few women on the internet?
<Toazt> There are lots of women on the internet,
<Toazt> only most of them are naked and in JPG-format."

Editor(s): Walter

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