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Friday, August 19, 2011

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  • [Wikipedia Signpost] - Volume 7, Issue 33 – 15 August 2011 has been published. Stories in this edition: Women and Wikipedia, Chapter funding and what skeptics and Latter Day Saints have in common, Wikipedia a “sausage fest”, Chicago Wikipedians (“the people you’ve probably plagiarized”), and other silly season stories, WikiProject report: The Oregonians and so on.


Was ist das? 

"OpenZim" - if you have used the function on the wiki to make a "book" you maybe have noticed that besides PDF and ODT as export option there is also "OpenZim".

Kiwix is the program you need for that. It is a project to offer a offline reader for Wikipedia. The have just released a new beta-version, version 0.9. Supported are; GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Kiwix provides a user experiences that is very close to reading the live wiki. You can view a selection of articles you have bundled yourself or someone else, like The Signpost (see "book edition").
You can also download the database of a specific language edition of a Wikipedia. This gives a very convenient way to have a offline version of Wikipedia.

PS; do not confuse it with "kwiki" when installing form repository.

 Did you know ... 
... you can edit your Galaxy?

When Wikipedia started 10 years ago it was revolutionary; a encyclopedia that everybody can edit. How to top that? Edit your own galaxy!


"It's a bad idea, and should be strangled at birth."
-- mailing list responds about the idea to include a "like button" to edits


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