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Monday, January 18, 2010

Anno Domini MMX Week III Number CXXI

Technical news
  • [Commons] - Post of Erik about how the contend imported on Commons from partnerships have been used on the projects.
  • [Wiki jobs] - If you work on a WMF project and do your best, maybe, just maybe, you will be offered a job. That was the case with [[user:Mike Halterman]]  from EN Wikinews. His work on Wikinews attracted the attention of a new magazine starting up in Tampa, Florida, USA, This user did had a journalistic background but this online work at Wikinews was the ticket. Nine months after being hired as a writer, Mike Halterman is now lead editor of OMG! Magazine.
  • [PL Wiki] - Polish Wikipedia has been awarded a "Jan Łukasiewicz special award for social innovation in the application of IT" by the Polish IT Society (Polskie Towarzystwo Informatyczne). The award has been received by Paweł Jochym, a co-founder of pl.wiki, and Prof. Janusz "Ency" Dorożyński, an active Polish Wikimedian and a member of the Society.
Other news
Editorial notice

So, this was the first Wikizine of 2010 (and it was not even a good one). It has been a couple of months since the previous Wikizine. There was a short revival of Wikizine in the period of August, September and October. And now this edition in January. I can not make any promises for a next edition. Maybe until Wikizine 121,


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