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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Year: 2009 Week: 32 Number: 114

Technical news
Request for help
  • [Strategic Proposals (Call)] - the Strategic Planning team has sent out a call for proposals. They'd like to encourage people to put their ideas into proposals for what the Wikimedia movement should be doing over the next five years. What's more is that you can write it in the language of your choice.
  • [comScore: down to #5] - Facebook is now the 4th largest site in the world and has pushed the Wikimedia Foundation down to the 5th largest web property. Wikipedia is still far above an beyond the most popular non commercial website. By the way; the ranking of Wikizine is 50% up to become the 2,983,528th most popular site :)    (Source:Alexa)
  • [African Wikipedias] - Swahili Wikipedia "has raced ahead with great momentum" and surpassed Afrikaans as the largest African Wikipedia by number of articles. There's also stats about the other African Wikipedias and sister projects.
  • [Wikipedias] - the Spanish Wikipedia has reached 500,000 articles, the Lithuanian Wikipedia has reached 90,000, and the Latin Wikipedia reached 30,000 articles with the addition of "Magninovilla".
  • [EN Wikinews] - Not really a direct goal of Wikinews to have many "articles" but nevertheless the English language Wikinews has surpassed 15,000 news stories.
Other news
  • [wikiHow&MediaWiki] - wikiHow showcased an interesting article (on its twitter feed) about how to make a MediaWiki skin, worth a read if you're ever in the need for a new skin. :-)
  • [Mobile Feedback] - the Mobile Wikipedia site requested feedback from its users and got a few interesting results, you might get a laugh out of them!
  • [Correction: WMUK&Schools] - we previously reported that the new WMUK schools project was about revisiting its "Wikipedia Version for Schools" project. This is actually a new initiative, one focused on going into schools and teaching the staff and students how to effectively use and contribute to Wikipedia.
  • [Wiktionary users] - Dvortygirl posted an interesting blog post about the type of users who are attracted to writing a dictionary. She found that most of the people in the #wiktionary IRC channel all shared similar characteristics to her (and a Dutch Wiktionary visitor), more information in the blog post.

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  1. Something that just missed Wikizine... The usability group is now running an opt-in beta for improvements to the wiki interface. Look for the link(s) next to your username on any Wikimedia Wiki.

    For those who follow the technical details of this, the main thing is you get to try out the Vector skin instead of the rather old Monobook.

  2. Thanks! I've already listed it at the workspace for the next issue. :-)


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