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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year: 2008 Week: 52 Number: 103

Technical news
  • [Hosting move] - the servers located in Amsterdam, Europe, are on the move to a new data center. At the old data center where around 40 servers located mostly for caching pages and images requested by European users. According to an unconfirmed source has Kennisnet ended its sponsoring of this cluster. Since May 2005 has Kennisnet paid all expenses for the cluster in Amsterdam.
  • [404] -If you follow a link to a page that doesn't exist (to the actual page, not including the edit pages), the servers now give a 404 (not found error code) where before they gave the 200 (ok) error code. This may help some automated programs, is more inline with what you are "supposed" to do, but most people will not notice as the page returned is still the same.
  • [MediaWiki messages] - revision-info, revision-info-current, cannotdelete, redirectedfrom, historywarning and difference messages now use Wiki text rather than raw HTML markup. Some wikis will need to fix their customized messages.
  • [Licence discussion] - the new version of the GNU Free Documentation License contains a section that gives the projects now using the GNU Free Documentation License the option to change the licence of those projects. The option to migrate to an other license expires on August 1, 2009.  Discussion about this is requested.
  • [Wikimedia NL wins] -  Wikimedia Nederland wins a preliminary injunction. Not a big surprise because the wrong Wikimedia was sued, but nevertheless good news.
  • [Photo-print service] - a partnership has been established between the French language Wikipedia community and a photo printer service. it is now possible to order a print of an image on the wiki with the menu "Get a poster of this image".  For every order is 1,5 EUR donated to Wikimedia. At present a 1000 EUR is donated this way. You see only the option if the site language is French. So logout or change your setting.
  • [Everyone Bureaucrat] - the community of the Italian Wikiquote has decided that all sysops also will be a bureaucrat. On IT Wikiquote are only 6 sysops, so now also 6 bureaucrats. That have found inspiration from the Spanish language Wikipedia. There are nearly all sysops also bureaucrats, all 126.                                                                                                                              How to become a bureaucrat differs strongly from wiki to wiki. For example; on the English language Wikipedia you need to be elected in a extremely difficult bureaucratic process. And on the Dutch language Wikipedia all sysops active for at least one year can become bureaucrat by simple request.
  • [EN Wikinews] - the main page is decorated for the holidays. It has a tree , menorah, Kwanzaas and snowman.  This unusual. Normally the do not do this, but (strangely) no one complained. 
  • [New planet] - At the location "planet.wikimedia.org" are several language based websites who collect the posts of many different blogs with postings who are supposed to be related to WMF-projects. For example Wikizine is also listed there on the English language version. There is now a new planet; the "North Germanic languages". Normally it is for one language only but because the amount of posts would be to few the languages Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic and  Faroese form one planet.
Other news
Donation comments
"Find a clean way to make profitable enough to survive for we count on you but you can't really count on us, we don't have money!..." --  Anonymous

"When I first started working with computers in the '70s, I dreamed of an electronic library with all the information anyone needed on a portable device. You're making that happen. Thank you." -- Harvey Platter

"Une modeste contribution ainsi qu'un grand MERCI... continuez..." --  Mathieu TARTARE


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  1. [MediaWiki messages] > actually, the night medawiki was updated, a few stewards spent near 2 hours upgrading these messages on every wikis it was needed to be ; so there shouldn't be any problem left on this is


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