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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Year: 2008 Week: 7 Number: 91

Technical news
  • [Deletion limit and abuse] - Some pages have an exceptional large amount of saved versions. Like a main page or a "Village pump". Because the deletion of those pages resulted in very high load of the servers and slowing down of the website the deletion of pages that have more then 5000 versions in the history is not longer possible. And it has been abused directly by bots who make fake edits to get to 5000 versions so the article can not be deleted anymore. Also a result of this is that need for users who have "oversight" status becomes higher on the projects who have not yet those. This because you can not longer deleted and restore selective editions if that pages has more then that 5000 versions. 
  • [IRC cloak] - A new system has been created for requesting a Wikimedia IRC cloak for the Freenode network. A "cloak" means that the hostname of your connection will be hidden and replaced by something else. This increases your privacy and associates you with the Wikimedia projects on IRC.
  • [Parser] - A new parser code that makes wiki syntax more consistent and scalable was deployed.
  • [Wap] - The WAP (sort of teletext on your phone) service of Wikipedia is not dead. It is even updated.
  • [#wikimedia-admin] - sysops of any project are invited to join the general Wikimedia admin channel for cross-wiki coordination of admin matters. To join you need to be invited. Contact any of the following users;  Az1568, Cbrown1023, Connel, Pathoschild (slavie), Shanel and Slowking Man. Or ask in #wikimedia
Request for help
  • [Milestones] - The Turkish Wikipedia reaches 100,000 articles, the Wu Wikipedia reaches 1,000 articles, the Hawaiian Wikipedia gains its 1,000th article.
  • [Lists stats] - there are also statistics about the who is posting how many times to what lists
Other news
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