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Friday, August 03, 2007

Wikimania: Day 1

Note: the system of Skypecasting used to provide an audio-feed of some of the Wikimainia events is reported to work also on MacOS X, besides Windows. Linux still no go.

Available content;
Recordings of the presentations and discussions are expected to become available but are them not yet.

The events of Day 2 will start at 01:00 UTC , 2007-08-04.


This post will be changed and updated during the day.
Last update: 2007-08-03 16:20UTC (+ Recordings are expected to become available )


  1. I can report that Skypecasts work perfectly well using the latest (non-beta) version of Skype for Mac OS X. :) That's what the Wikipedia Weekly crew were using to broadcast the keynote this morning.

  2. That is good news.

    It is that when I try to join the Skypecast I get the message that you need Skype 3.2 for it. And the current version of Skype for Mac OSx is version 2.6 That makes it very confusing.


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