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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 25 Number: 75

Technical news
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  • [Wikimentary] - At the first Wikimania in 2005 Rory O'Connor, a documentary maker and journalist, was present to record this event. This to make a documentary about the wiki-community. Two years later they have made recordings of several other wiki-activities and will also be at Wikimania 2007, still for the documentary that started in 2005. Video and other materials are placed online on the wiki of the Wikimentary project. It is the intentions and hope of the makers of this documentary that people will come and work on this documentary like many people do to the many wiki projects that exist. Everybody who knows about the wiki world is welcome to go to globalvision.wikia.com and work on the first real "Wikimentary", a community created documentary.
  • [Elections] - The number of candidates for the board has increased suddenly from 4 to 17. Submissions as a candidate and the endorsement procedure will close Saturday, 2007-06-23 23:59 UTC. Currently it looks like most candidates will have enough endorsements to go to the actual election.
  • [China] - Many media around the world are reporting that China has unblocked Wikipedia. Most likely they are wrong about this. The WMF has Korean servers to serve users from that part of the globe. Recently the IP addresses of those servers has changed. Other IP addresses = unblocked. At least until the firewall of China is updated.
Did you know ...
... how the Special:Random page works?

Every page has a random number assigned to it in the database. When selecting a random page, a second random number is selected, and the page whose number most closely matches the second number (actually the smallest number greater than the second number) is returned.
Basically, the page is simply picked at random, for most intents and purposes.


"50 million nerds doing your homework for free." ~ Ambrose Bierce on Wikipedia [Source: uncyclopedia.org]

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