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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 24 Number: 74 Extra

Board election

The procedure for the elections for the 3 open places on the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation has started. Candidates can present them self until  2007-06-23 23:59 UTC on Meta. At time of this writing there are 7 candidates. Wikizine sends an invitation to all candidates to submit a statement for publication. Those statements will be published in this and similar extra editions of Wikizine.

New in this board election is the concept of endorsement. This means that a candidate will only be a candidate in the actual voting procedure if at least 12 users support the candidacy of the candidate. The idea is to try to exclude candidates who make totally no change in getting elected. This endorsement procedure takes place on Meta and is now open until 2007-06-23  23:59 UTC.

Because of this it is theoretical possible that a candidate presented in Wikizine before 2007-06-24 will not appear as a candidate when voting.

The endorsement procedure means also that (very) late new entry's of candidates also will need to manage to find fast 12 users to support there candidacy. Potential candidates need to apply soon now to have a change.
Statement by candidate Michael Snow

In the media, certain people have tried to pit professionals against amateurs, usually to establish the superiority of one over the other. Wikipedia is often cited as an example of amateurism in this context.

The reality of the Wikimedia Foundation is much more complex. For one thing, although its projects are based on the work of amateurs, it strives for "professional" quality. Furthermore, many of the "amateurs" who contribute are professionals in other contexts. As an organization, the Wikimedia Foundation must balance these and similar considerations: professional and amateur, paid and unpaid, expert and student.

The Wikimedia Foundation is slowly integrating more professionalism into its operations. The Board of Trustees, which needs some people with professional experience but depends on them to provide volunteer service, is a focal point for integrating the two sides. As we bring in new professional staff, we must ensure that they understand our culture and values. Meanwhile, it's important to encourage the volunteers to match them in the standard of their work.

I have extensive experience with Wikimedia as a volunteer, but I also have professional skills that can be of use here, and in all my work I try to maintain a professional standard. I feel that my legal training as an attorney would be particularly helpful on the board and add a dimension that is not currently present. I believe my familiarity with both sides of the coin, so to speak, makes me qualified to work with each. The professional and amateur sides need to be brought together, since the emphasis on collaboration and neutrality means we should try to maximize participation from each approach. Instead of fostering division over issues like elitism and expertise, we should find the value each side has to offer. For my part, I hope you will see what value I could bring in serving on the Board of Trustees. Thank you for your interest in improving Wikimedia.

--Michael Snow
Wikizine provides the candidates for the board election who are interested to do so a forum to present there self to the community. This is not a sign of support by Wikizine for those candidates. Publication of the exact text as provided by the candidate is in the order of receiving it.

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