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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Year: 2007 Week: 06 Number: 60

Request for help
  • [Wikizine] - needs a core staff member to be able to produce a new edition on a weekly basis and with an acceptable quality. Looking for news, writing items for Wikizine, finalizing and sending it out. If interested contact [[meta:user:Walter]] for more information.
  • [Organizational changes] - interim Executive Director Brad Patrick is not longer executive director. He is now only General Counsel (lawyer)  Because there is now no executive director anymore the responsibilities are temporary dived between some board members and WMF-staff members. The search for a new executive director continues. The WMF has hired the firm "Phillips Oppenheim" to find an executive director for the WMF.
  • [New hire] - The Wikimedia Foundation has hired Notafish (Delphine Ménard) as Chapters Coordinator. This function is "fostering of relationships between Chapters and Foundation as well as with the developing
    of Chapters and related activities." Notafish has done this function until now as a volunteer.
Other news
Ferengi Rules of Acquisition
"A deal is a deal... until a better one comes along." Rule 16
"Dignity and an empty sack is worth the sack."  - Rule 109
"The justification for profit is profit." - Rule 202

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