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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wikizine - number: 53 Extra edition

Request for help
Anthere, Chair of the WMF, has send the following request to Foundation-l;


As roughly announced last week, the fundraiser will start *tomorrow*.
A bunch of things still need to be fixed, and in particular, WE NEED
HELP to translate the fundraising page.

We need it at minimum for tomorrow in english, german, french, spanish,
swedish, japanese, italian, dutch...

Please help us with the translation.

The page in on Foundation because it requires html (will not work on
meta) and is using rather complex templates. If you need help and more
generally, please contact Danny (dwool ATTTT wikimedia.org).

These are the most urgent languages, others are welcome as well of
course. Please coordinate either with Danny or with Aphaia and transcom.

Thank you for your help


Editor(s): Walter

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