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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

EN Wikizine - number: 52

Technical news
  • [Fundraiser] - The Wikimedia Foundation will start a new fundraiser campain this Friday (2006-12-08), but it is possible it might be delayed for a few days. If there is translation work needing to be done then you can find it on meta:Translation requests
  • [Board] - Anthere provided feedback about a board meeting at end of November. Please read Anthere's post. Some highlights;
    • - the board will be expanded to probably 11 members by July 2008
    • - 3 board members will be added by appointment before the end of the year on the board, until next elections in July 2007. (includes replacement for Tim Shell)
    • - every year there will be board elections for the board
    • - an audit of the WMF has been done. The result was positive and will be published soon.
    • - the idea of an advisory board for the WMF is being implemented. Candidates are being contacted.
    • - the board informally approved new bylaws for the WMF.
  • [fr.wikiquote] - end of March 2006 the French language Wikiquote was deleted and closed and by the WMF because of copyright problems. Now a new and empty wiki is again online.
Other news
  • [Compare] - It happens frequently that people who are not well informed, like journalists, think that every website where you can edit the pages is "a Wikipedia". The software Wikipedia uses is, of course, MediaWiki. MediaWiki is "a wiki" but there are many others. Wikimatrix.org attempts to present all those different wikis there out there and to make it possible to compare them easily.
  • [Wikia, Inc.] - has taken over Armchairgm.com for $2 US million in cash and Wikia stock. Armchairgm writes that they are "a fan-based sports community built on a customized MediaWiki (Wikipedia) engine that combines blogs, news, and voting, with the power of a sports-wiki."
  • [Parody] - A not to bad parody of Wikipedia templates
Did you know ...

... there is an interesting program for MacOSX to navigate Wikipedia?

It displays a graphical "network" representation of your visited article pages. A node represents an article, and a connection between two nodes means that you have gone from the first article to the second one. You can save the network you've created to disk and recover it. This way, you are able to keep track of everything: what you've looked at, how you get there, and just how it all fits together.



"My first sight of the office was an open door with a big (Wikipedia)
poster on it. All other offices in that building have closed doors.
After one walks past the poster, one gets in a corridor with the signed
Wikimania banner. And it is open...
Who else than us could have office doors open this way ?"  -- Anthere about the WMF-office

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