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Friday, August 18, 2006

Wiki down!

The wikis are down! Wikis are up!

This post will be updated with news when there is news. Walter Friday 18 August 2006 - 17:53 UTC

  1. router problem - some parts of the world can see it, some can't. Estimated uptime: Don't ask - update 17:58 UTC
  2. Hosting company fucked up - 18:00 UTC
  3. (20:25:52) twincest: uh, it looks like this problem might be quite serious, so don't expect an ETA any time soon 18:30UTC
  4. (20:27:16) brion Cogent ate our IP space in Florida, heads to roll
  5. Kyle is manhandling the hosting company right now. The hosting company is manhandling Cogent. - 18:43 UTC
  6. Cogent cogent deleted ip block of wikimedia. They received an apparently improper DMCA takedown notice and deleted the ipblock of wikimedia. No ipadress = no website - 18:56UTC The ip-addresses Wikimedia was using where owned by Cogent. The where leased to the ISP of Wikimedia.
  7. 18:50 brion: we've been assigned new ip space, people are trying to figure out how to attach stuff to it
  8. 19:47 brion: new ips are being worked on now...
  9. All wikis seems to be up again - in read only mode!
  10. 19:59UTC - Wiki up. Service restored, write access enabled

  11. Posting from Brion about this on Wikitech-l;

    Article from EN Wikinews;

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