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Monday, June 19, 2006

Wikizine - number: 30

Technical news
  • [undelete] Uploaded files which are deleted can now be undeleted. Admins can also view the deleted files without actually undeleting them. This works only with newly deleted files.
Request for help
  • [Wikizine] is looking for a reliable free form-post service to send emails.
    •  Contact: walter AT wikizine DOT org
  • [GlobalNotice] The first global notice pushed to all Wikis will be placed very soon. This is to get attention for the Wikimania 2006 event, in the hope that many users will register for it. It is requested to keep the notice online for one week.
  • [Model] Anthere makes a comparison between the organisation of the Apache Software Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation. And how Wikimedia can learn from that. Responses follow.
  • [Ombuds-wo-man] for CheckUser. On suggestion of Anthere; volunteers are welcome. The idea if to have a specific person to complain to about possible checkuser abuse. 
New project proposals
  • [MailStats] The great Erik Zachte, the king of statistics, has made some interesting stats about the posting behavior on the mailing lists. What mailing lists are used? And how is the frequency of the number of postsevolving true the years? And who are the top-posters?
Other news
  • [WikiSymposium] An International Symposium on Wikis will be held onAugust 21-23, 2006 in Odense, Denmark. "Participants will present, discuss, and move forward the latest advances in wiki contents, sociology, and technology." This is a non-Wikimedia event. If you register today, June 19, you pay 470 EUR/594 USD. After the 19th it is 537 EUR/679 USD. Full-time students get a very large discount. Some food is included.
  • [WikizineBlog] beta-version is now online. Same contents as Wikizine by email but webbased and with talk-back option. Feedback is highly welcome.

Did you know ...

... that the wikis support an easy for linking to RFC's?

To use it is very simple. Let say you would like to link to RFC 1855,  the netiquette-RFC. Just write RFC 1855 on the  wiki. No brackets, only  RFC one space and the number.

To know what an "RFC" is, see;
To specify where the automatically created URL points to, modify [[MediaWiki_talk:Rfcurl]];

User quotes

It's better to learn some 'disgusting' things from wikipedia, rather
than from some porn site. -- 12:01, 10 May 2006 (UTC)

"To change time settings, do as Timwi instructed. To change _time_, on
the other hand, is a great deal more complex, and I don't think anybody
on this mailinglist wants to explain it." -- Mark Williamson

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