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Monday, April 03, 2006

Wikizine - number: 20

=== Technical news ===

[CVS] The Concurrent Versions System of SourceForge's developer CVS has
been down. Because of this Brion has setup his own CVS for MediaWiki. This
is CVS system is a system for working on software with several people like
the wiki is for working on texts with many people.

[Midi] files uploaded to the wiki should now be better handled by internet

=== Request for help ===

[Wikimania] The deadline for submitting proposals to the Wikimania 2006
conference has been extended, to April 15 for workshop and tutorial
submissions, and April 30 for presentation submissions.

=== Politics ===

[Proposal] A proposal to close the September 11 Wiki has been made.

=== Foundation ===

[fr.wikiquote] The Foundation closed the French language Wikiquote because
of legal reasons. Despite first enjoined the French Wikiquote will be
reopened unless there are people interested in working on it. For once the
exernal media seem not to regard this as news.

[Chapter] dutch Wikimedia chapters founded. Special in this case is that
there are created two dutch Wikimedia organizations by the same people, on
the same day but with two different legal entity's.

=== Community ===

[Wikisource] started with one wiki for all. But more and more languages
migrate to there own wiki. cs.wikisource, ml.wikisource, sk.wikisource are
created. cs and sk imported pages from the mother-sourceswiki.

[9/11] one of the least know Wikimedia wikis, the "In Memoriam" about the
victims of the 9/11-attack is now under procedure for closing.

[Meta] the project "to Overhaul Meta" (= To make extensive renovations or
revisions on; renovate) has put the more obscure Meta-wiki in the spot
light. Extensive discussion on the mailing lists about it. On Meta it
seems to result in a massive categorisation action and deletion of pages.

=== Media ===

[CBS] online video report about "Britannica Vs. Wikipedia"

[Censure] Pakistan temporarily blocked Wikipedia

=== Stats ===

[featured article] the English Wikipedia provides the service that you can
receive by email the first part of there featured article of the day,
anniversaries and a quote. That mailing list has now over 10,000
http://mail.wikimedia.org/pipermail/daily-article-l/2006-April/000447.html - example

=== Other news ===

[CC] Creative Commons, a not-for-profit organization, adds Jimmy Wales to
its Board of Directors.

=== Editorial remark ===

Some readers did not believe that the report in "Wikizine number 19 extra"
was true and that it was a early April Fool's Day joke. Wikizine.org will
never ever knowingly reports lies, whatever the date may be, so long it is
under the control of its current Editor-in-chief [[meta:user:Walter]]

=== Did you know ... ===

... that if you use FireFox or Internet Explorer you can add the Google
Toolbar to your browser?

That toolbar of Google is very usefull for your wiki-work because it
contains a spellcheck function that works very good (if your language is

http://toolbar.google.com/firefox/ - For FireFox
http://toolbar.google.com/index_2 - For Internet Explorer

=== Quote ===

"We strive for three things: objectivity, factually correct information,
and understandable information. It's clearly evident others are not
achieving it." -- Jorge Cauz, president of Encyclopedia Britannica

Editor(s): Walter, Shizhao