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Monday, March 13, 2006

Wikizine - number: 17

=== Technical news ===

[More anti-spam] On the smaller wikis you need from now on to enter a
word displayed as a image (captcha) if you are an anonymous user and you
are adding a URL to that page.

[Special Page] New option the find the edits done by newbies. use

=== Politics ===

[zh.wikinews?] It seems that the Chinese Wikinews finally will be
created soon.

=== Media ===

[BBC Radio Wales] interview with Wikipedian David Gerard. Audio link
will expire so do not wait if you like to hear it.
http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/shows/rpms/wales/mousemat.rpm - RealAudio stream

=== Stats ===

[BR] The Breton Wikipedia has reached 5,000 articles. Breton is a very
small language so 5,000 is a real accomplishment.

[FR] French Wikipedia reaches 250,000 articles.

[Alexa] Wikipedia's Alexa rank rises to 19. And Wikipedia keeps raising
fast. In the draft version of this edition of Wikizine was written that
Wikipedia had the 20th place as the most popular website of the
internet. Only 18 places to go and you, dear reader, will not be bored
anymore with Alexa-updates.

=== Other news ===

[Wikiepic] New proposal page posted for Wikiepic. Wikiepic could be like
a freeform mythology or fantasy world. The Neverending story. Articles
would focus around Characters, Places, Events, ect ect.

[Wikipedia IRL] After showing up in newspapers and other media as a
source for more information about something Wikipedia starts now also
being used in parliaments as information source.

=== Did you know ... ===

... that Jimbo is a real globetrotter?


=== Computer quotes ===

-To err is human. To really mess things up you need a computer

- "Adapting old programs to fit new machines usually means adapting new
machines to behave like old ones." — Alan J. Perlis.

"Q: How many software engineers does it take to change a lightbulb ?
A: It can't be done; it's a hardware problem."

Editor(s): Shizhao, Walter