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Monday, February 27, 2006

Wikizine - number: 15

=== Technical news ===

[capitalize] All Wiktionary editions have been converted to no longer
automatically capitalize entry titles. This change came without prior
discussion in the affected communities.

[Vandal Fighter] A tool for watching "recent changes" and reverting
edits. User Henna has taken over the job of maintaining and improving
the Vandal Fighter.

[Wiktionary] German Wiktionary enables sysop patrolling. This is a
option so that certain users can mark an edit as "checked". It can be
useful for vandal fighting. The user right to mar an edits as checked
can be given to all users or to sysops only. To request to get this
option active on your wiki get clear consensus on your wiki and make a
BugZilla ticket about it. And then be patience. The request for the
enabling of this function for Meta is waiting for some time now.

[Thumb] Brion started a process of forcing old rendered png, jpeg and
SCG thumbnails to regenerate. This
will gradually replace old rendered images over the next couple days as
several issues have been fixed recently.

=== Request for help ===

[Wikimania] Volunteers needed for the Wikimania Program Team

=== Foundation ===

[interview] Signpost interviewed Jimbo Wales, asking him questions that
our readers have submitted.

=== Community ===

[1000000th] article on the English language Wikipedia will be written
very soon

[Wikibooks] has been cited as an authoritative source of information.
Who would have thought that was possible?

[proposal] A new project proposal for a genealogy wiki currently at

=== Media ===

[Chinese WP] February 20, Washington Post about Chinese Wikipedia
Series, and a letter appealing for an unblock for zh.wikipedia

=== Other news ===

[INSPIRE] new EU directive can put more intellectual property rights on
geographic data in the European union. Wikimedia projects are using data
like this.

[Multilingual] A first draft sorts out which features a future
Multilingual MediaWiki should have.

=== Editorial ===

Dear readers,

First I would like to thank you all 300 readers of Wikizine. Knowing
that there are actually people reading this, and I suppose find it
useful, makes it all worth while.

I would like to ask for your assistance for Wikizine. Wikizine exist for
reporting news for the Wikimedia community about the Wikimedia
community. And Wikizine needs your help, the Wikimedia community.

There are three points about with I ask your cooperation;


Report news from your home-wiki or from your personal experience when
using the wiki. Most news can be found on public mailing lists and
specific pages on the main wikis. But frequently I, Walter, find
interesting global-wikimedia news in the village pump of my home-wiki,
WikipediaNL. Or discover by pure luck changes to the behavior of the

If I can find interesting things on my local wiki I suspect that on many
other wikis are also interesting things to find. News that not can be
found on other places. Please share your local news when you think it
is interesting for the global Wikimedia community or when you discover a
modification to the software.


There seems to be still many users who do not know of the existence of
Wikizine. Inform on your wiki the users about Wikizine. Many will not
care about news from the Wikimedia world and only be interested in
working on there articles. But those who are interested should be
informed about it. I think especially about your sysops.

You can put a "Wikizine-banner" on your user page or, if there is no
objection by your community, on some highly visible page like the
"village pump".



One of the main problems for informing many users in the Wikimedia
community is the languages barrier. The glue for the communication
between the projects is English. Wikizine is written in something that
is supposed to be English. You, the reader of Wikizine, understand
English. But that is not enough.

It is my hope that you, user of your project, editor, sysop or
ambassador, act as a gateway for the news that you read in Wikizine for
your wiki. Inform your local community about the news in your own
language. If you do that then Wikizine has succeed in his mission.

Thanks for your attention,

Walter Vermeir

Editor-in-chief Wikizine

=== Quote ===

Stan Marsh "I am sorry that I killed your mom but the squirrel told me
that she was evil."
Mountain lion cub "You got tricked by a squirrel? Jee, you are not to
smart, are you mister?"

From "[[w:en:South Park]]"

Editor(s): Shizhao, Walter