GCS Step 1

Monday, January 30, 2006

Year: 2006 Week:5 Number:11

=== Technical news ===

[Captcha] For anti-spam reasons you have to enter the code displayed as a
graphic to sign-up for an account on the smaller wikis. There is not yet a
solution for visually limited users.

[Anti-spam] Tim Starling has made spam-removing scripts. I your wiki is infested
with url-spam, Tim can wipe it clean. Ask at #wikimedia-tech.

[New Dump] of the database of all projects is running.

=== Request for help ===

[WikiAuthors] - A new project proposal for the disambiguation of authors' names
in MEDLINE, an online database of biomedical literature.

=== Foundation ===

[reform] The board of the Wikimedia Foundation decided to reform their
organisation. The official positions are to be supplemented with a series of
new committees. Like the "Financial committee", "Executive committee" and so
on. All together 8 committees. The actual form how those committees will work
is still under development. Angela welcomes suggestions from people who have
experience with the organisation of non-profit organizations.

This board-meeting was special because of the high number of physical present
key figures of the Wikimedia Foundation. The meeting toeck place in Sint
Petersburg, Florida from January 13th until the 15th. The board members;
Angela, Jimmy (Jimbo), Michael Davis, and Tim Shell where present. And 5 others
involved with the Foundation; Brad Patrick (legal counsel), Delphine
(notafish), Danny Wool, Daniel (mav), and Jean-Baptiste Soufron (Wikim├ędia
France). Florence (Anthere), Brion VIBBER and Domas Mituzas (Midom,
dev&system-admin) joined by telephone.

http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Meetings/January_14-15,_2006 - (does not
yet exist on 2006-01-29)
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.org.wikimedia.foundation/5996 - concerns by Erik

[Almost] Wikimedia Canada and Wikimedia Netherlands do not yet exist but there
founders are confident it will not take much longer.
http://nl.wikimedia.org/wiki/Ledenlijst - list of users interested to become a

=== Community ===

[WikiNews] does original reporting. Suggestions are made by the Wikinews
community as to who should be interviewed. And in the best Wikimedia-tradition
there is a vote about it. And then they attempt to make it happen. Recent
interviews were with Ricardo Lobo, Brazilian online journalist, and Danny
O'Brien, Electronic Frontier Foundation's Activism Coodinator.
- The interview

=== Media ===

[Print] Directmedia, the company who brought us the German Wikipedia on CD and
DVD, announced that they will publish the German Wikipedia in full print, 100
volumes with 800 pages each, starting with the letter A in October 2006, to end
with Z in 2010.

["News"???] A de-sysopping on the dutch language Wikipedia somehow became
international "news". Next week more about this.

[pants down] - Wikipedia Entries 'Cleaned' By Political Staffers from the U.S.
House of Representatives and it becomes big news in the USA general media.

=== Stats ===

[Fund Drive] User:Tobacman has created statistics about the Wikimedia fund

=== Other news ===

[Nature] - All the errors that "Nature" discoverd in the 50 articles the checked
on EN Wikipedia are now corrected. 50 done, only 943881 to go.

=== Did you know ... ===

... there is a special FireFox Wikipedia-toolbar?

The toolbar gives a easy way for inserting formatting commands, dialog based
creation of tables, many special characters and more. A very useful function is
the pull-down menu for selecting and inserting templates. Even if you do not
find it extremely useful you can always install it and deactivate the toolbar.
(right click on the toolbar) and use it when you need it. It works for all
MediaWiki-wikis, so its name should actually rather be "MediaWiki-toolbar".


=== The last Q4 fund drive quotes ===

"Information wants to be free; and I'm willing to pay for its freedom." by Mike
"Stuart Brand said "information wants to be free." We have to pay its bail." by
Bob McCoy
"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin"
by Jonathan Rosen
"Sterling stuff. If it wasn't for Wikipedia I'd have learned next to nothing
this week about norse gods, diamond mining, Rubik's cubes and Braille" by Chris
"The price I would pay monthly to Britannica I'd rather donate to Wikipedia." by
Piotr Przemyslaw Karwasz

"This project has been helpful in my graduate studies." by William Myatt
"I want to thank you (and your daughter) for this site - I owe my 'A' grades
this fall to Wikipedia and I thought you should know. As a student, this is all
I can afford! For now, anyway..." by anonymous
"I am a physics graduate student from China. I enjoy using Wikipedia!" by Meng

=== Privacy and Wikizine ===

The subscribers list of Wikizine was only available to the readers of Wikizine.
For a real discussion list that is not unreasonable because by posting you
expose also your identity and email address. But Wikizine is a read-only list
and that is not the same. The list settings are now changed to hide the
subscribers' addresses.

Editor(s): Walter, Oscar