GCS Step 1

Monday, December 05, 2005

Year: 2005 Week:49 Number: 3

=== Technical news ===

[Privacy] A new Privacy policy link added in the footer.

=== Request for help ===

[Interwiki links] there are lots of articles in one Wikipedia which have
the same name as articles in other Wikipedias, but are not linked by an
Inter-Wiki-Link. These articles have been listed for many language
combinations by de:Benutzer:SirJective. But not all articles with
identical names are about the same subject, so human work is needed to
decide whether an Interwiki-Link can be automatically generated by a bot.
In order to make this decision easy and comfortable, there is a brilliant
tool called Interwiki-Link-Checker written by de:Benutzer:Flacus.

[Fund drive] Please help translate messages for the next fund drive. The
drive will be held from Friday 9 December to the end of the year.

=== Community ===

[User boxes] A box containing information about that user placed on the
user page of user. Original used first on commons for something useful;
indication the language skills of a user. Now the "user boxes" have
mutated. There are now boxes used on some Wiki's to indicate a lot of
diverse things like; "I am using FireFox", "This user is a Java
programmer", "This user has a quad monitor configuration", "This person
does not enjoy userboxes.", "This user is an transseksuel", "This user is
a Catholic", etc.

=== Media ===

[Bad Press] A lot negative media coverage about Wikipedia. Including "USA
Today", the most read US newspaper. Problem; false information in an
article that has not being noticed for months. The subject of the article
is not pleased about that.

=== Other news ===

[Planet Wikimedia] map of the location and type of servers that Wikimedia
is using.

=== Quote ===

"Wikipedia knows all, and what it doesn't know, you can tell it." - Shaye
J.D. Horwitz

Editor: Shizhao, Walter