GCS Step 1

Monday, November 21, 2005

Year: 2005 Week:47 Number: 1

=== Technical news ===

-[Rename User] the special page to rename users has come back the same way
as it disappeared; unexpected. Bureaucrats should now again have the
option to rename a user-account to another name, given that the name of
the new user-account does not yet exist (see special pages). It also looks
like the original limit, stating that only users with less then 6800 edits
can be renamed, is still valid. Using Kate's tool, users can check
themselves their number of edits doesn't exceed this limit. If your wiki
does not have a formal policy for renaming users, please make sure at
least that all users requesting to be renamed have placed a properly
signed request on your wiki themselves. This to cover your ass as a


-[Fancy nicks]- For nicks including tags, such as color
tags, it was found that many times the closing tag, in this case

had been left out, messing up pages. The MediaWiki software has been
changed because of this. Wiki markup and HTML markup do no longer function
in the Nickname field any longer, unless the Raw signatures option is
checked in your preferences. The current version has been tested and found
to be secure against scripts, too. For more information follow the link.

=== Global ===

-[Wikimentary] a project about making documentaries of Wikimedia from
uncut source video made at Wikimania 2005. This project is looking for
people to help. "WIKIMANIA-ROUGH_CUT.mov" is a work-in-progress
documentary, 11min, QuickTime, 316 MB.

-[Wikimania 2006] is on it's way in being organized. There are many things
that need to be done for the organization of this event. To see how to
help go to [[meta:Wikimania 2006]] or at ask at wikimania-l


-[Catalan Wikipedia]- The second Wikipedia to be created after the
original English Wikipedia, has reached 20,000 articles.


=== Media ===

-[Award] the Wikimedia Foundation was awarded a World Technology Award in
communication, joining the ranks of other World Technology Network
members. (no article about this in WikipediaEN yet)

=== Stats ===

-[Stats]- ERRATUM: In number 0 of Wikizine we wrote that "Erim Zachte" has
created the new stats. This is not correct. This is of course Erik Zachte
([[w:nl:Gebruiker:Erik_Zachte]]), also the creator of Wikipedia for Pocket
PC, Palm, EPOC and EasyTimeline.

=== Other news ===

-[Wikizine]- a new information channel for the Wikimedia community came
into being.

=== Quote ===

"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free
access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing." -Jimmy
Wales, July 2004

=== Editorial comment ===

The number of our readers has increased by +/- 110 subscribers, to a total
of 160 since last week. Nice :-)

Editor-in-chief: [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]],
Editor/corrector: [[w:nl:gebruiker:Oscar]]