GCS Step 1

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Year: 2005 Week:45 Number:-1

=== Technical news ===

-[Sitemap] We now provide sitemaps for all Wikimedia wikis.
Sitemaps are XML lists of all the pages in a website.

=== Policy ===

-[CheckUser] there is a draft-policy for the use of the "CheckUser" function.
Users who have this function can look-up the ipadress of any user.
This policy will apply for all Wikimedia projects.

-[Bots] the page to request bot-status is from now on separated from the
general "Requests for permissions" page.

=== Foundation ===

-[Print Wikipedia] many media sources are reporting that Wikipedia will be
printed and sent to Africa around mid 2006.
Userfriendly has a nice cartoon about it.
Back in the real world; since end of 2004 there is a CD-rom and also a DVD
of the German Wikipedia.

-[Wikimania2006] request for help for the organisation of Wikimania

-[Wikiversity] the formal vote for this new project will close very soon

=== Other news ===

- [New user level] the English Wikipedia is considering to create a new
category of users. Users with "Rollback privileges".
These will be registered users who have also a "rollback" link that you
see in the RC if you are a sysop.
Mediawiki supports this function but for the moment there is not yet an
interface to set this permission.

=== Quote ===

"To change time settings, do as Timwi instructed.

To change _time_, on the other hand, is a great deal more complex, and
I don't think anybody on this mailinglist wants to explain it." -- Mark

=== Editorial comment ===

Wikizine has now the new section "Quote". In a ideal world this would contain
a new quote made the previous week by a member of the Wikimedia community.
But like you probably noticed already this is not an ideal world.
For this week I was lucky to find a good one on the mailing lists.
But mostly the quotes will be old ones from Wikipedians, geeks and similar.

After this Wikizine there is only one experimental issue left, number 0,
before we start with the real stuff. So if you have a comment about
Wikizine how to make it better or to help contact me.
I hope to receive at least the same response like on the Wikizine of last
week. I can now confirm there is at least one (1) reader of Wikizine.

Editor: [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]]